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nuYG2CFwThe Move2Improve Foundation has engaged with Carrick Brain Centers to insure you are receiving the best care and support possible. With centers in Irving, TX and Atlanta, GA, Carrick is a multidisciplinary brain rehabilitation center that combines evidence-based diagnostics with leading-edge technologies and treatments. They work quickly to help improve the quality of life of patients suffering from brain injuries due to physical or emotional trauma, or degenerative conditions that affect the brain and central nervous system.

At Carrick, treatment regimens are designed to leverage the brain’s inherent ability to self-recover and the science behind the treatment is simple: If you provide a high level of specific neurologic activation at a frequent rate, the brain can change.

While at the center a thorough neurological assessment is conducted so doctors can identify specific functional deficits of each patient’s neurologic status. Precise neurologic data points are gathered utilizing gold-standard diagnostic tests including evaluating the movements of the eyes and correlating them with overall brain function. The eyes and visual system are the only functions that use our entire brain and these evaluations help them obtain base line tests that allow them to measure change.

infographicAnother valuable tool in assessing the input and output mechanism of the brain is the Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) test which focuses on an individual’s balance system and will allow the Carrick medical team a unique window into the overall health of the patients brain. The CDP test serves as the basis for the preparation and development of each Individualized Care Plan, which will be the foundation of Dynamic Functional Neurological Therapy.

An Individualized Care Plan includes an integrated evidence-based approach to diagnostics, testing, and examination. It enables the team at Carrick to fully assess neurological function, cognition, and neuro-inflammatory conditions in order to develop a treatment protocol based on the individual’s need for recovery. Plans are consistently evaluated to ensure that patients are progressing appropriately.

Dynamic Functional Neurological Therapy is specialized therapy that activates the vestibular system (contributing to balance), drives neural (nervous system) activity in regions of the brain, and modulates neuro-inflammatory conditions that have been affected by a blast injury, concussion, and psychological trauma.

The fee schedule for the Individualized Care Plan and Dynamic Functional Neurological Therapy costs between $15,050 and $18,550. The Move2Improve Foundation seeks to alleviate or absorb these costs though private donations and corporate sponsorships of our program.

Patient Engagement

When it comes to the delicate nature of Traumatic Brain Injury we understand that your case is unique and with that comes a unique set of circumstances.

We urge you to contact Move2Improve directly so we can review your case together and find out how we can help bridge the gaps in healthcare for you.

Please contact us to send us your comments and story, to discuss the preliminary details of your case and complete a Health Background Assessment.

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