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You’re a Survivor and we want to know more about you. Please take the time you need to fill out the following form and provide the necessary information so we can create a profile for you on the Move2Improve website. We want people who are interested in supporting the TBI community to be able to connect with our survivors, on a human and emotional level, so that they can become inspired by your journey thus far, as well as your journey into the future.

"Before" and "After" Photos...

Additionally, it is important that we have no fewer than 10 images of you, before and after your suffered your TBI. These pictures need to be colorful and clear so we can use them on our website. By signing this profile you are giving Move2Improve permission to use any and all images you provide to us. Pictures should include…

  • You alone
  • You with your family and/or loved ones
  • You participate in something "normal" in your life that shows you as an active person (something at work, at play, sports, activities, etc.)
  • Or, any other colorful, clear images you want to share. There is no "right" way here, we just want to tell your story.

Please email your photos to photos@m2i.org.

Also, please put together a short narrative of your life, before and after your TBI. If you are looking for an example, please read about Sean Entin’s journey and watch his video on our website. We understand the end talks about why he started the foundation, we are more interested in the beginning portion where he talks about who he was before and the journey to get back to “normal” after. The following is a list of topics you may want to touch on as you tell your story. You can write the narrative yourself, using these prompts as a “cheat sheet,” or you can fill out thoroughly fill out the fields below and we can write it for you.